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The Kingdom of Grand Britannia (XY Style) by TheJakeshiEagle The Kingdom of Grand Britannia (XY Style) by TheJakeshiEagle
The Kingdom of Grand Britannia and Galoron (aka The Kingdom Regions) are a group of three regions that dominated the world stage with it's mighty once mighty empire, globally thrown upon culture and renowned scientific excellence.

Emporon (South/red) is a urbanised region that took over the kingdom many moons ago before taking over a third of the known world and a quarter of it's people. There are many reminders of it's militant past as in legends they say both Oracion and Noicaro drove the region into war and peace through out their history.

Picoron (North/blue) is a rural region located in the mountains with many small towns and villages. This region boosts science and knowledge being home to many great minds, inventions and technologies. However it also holds legends of a king that was lost in the mists of time that many archaeologists are trying to find trace of.

Galoron (West/green) is a sparse region that serves very little. A massive desert in the centre of it and dense jungle turn many developers heads. The region only has four cities, the capital, a desert city, a underwater ruins city and a small town to the south. Te very north of the island belongs to Picoron. Dispute the lack of land to this region it boosts culture and legends of rebellion against the Kingdom as well as the mystery of Tempus Dominus; a god-like king that ruled over the entire of the globe many millennium ago.

The Kingdom Regions is part of the Empire Powers along with Kalos and Aryan which caused conflict between one another for many many years. Kingdom's Empire following the ideologies of War and Peace. Kalos following the ideologies of Life and Destruction and Aryan following the ideologies of Uniform and Balance.
pepsicmb Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist
Very cool style, a total delight to watch :)
Zenionith Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Student
Looks really nice!
Linkmaster101 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this is awesome o.o id half to say this clean version of the X/Y map style is much more appealing to my eyes XD js
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